Business Applications with HTML5 and JavaScript

We started a new subproject called “Imixs Workflow Script!“. This project allows you to build workflow applications only using HTML and JavaScript! This is really cool and I believe it’s the most easiest way to develop web based workflow applications.

‘Imixs Workflow Script!’ combines the benefits of jQuery with the capabilities of the Imixs Workflow engine. Imixs Workflow Script! is a JavaScript library providing methods to interact with the Imixs Workflow engine through the Imixs RESTfull Service API. The Imixs Workflow engine is used as a back-end service deployed on a Java EE application server like GlassFish.

Including the script library into a HTML page, ‘Imixs Workflow Script!’ automatically detects certain areas and fills these areas with workflow data. Also the data of input fields can be posted easily back to the workflow server.

The Project includes a sample application showing how ‘Imixs Workflow Script!’ works.