Imixs-Cloud – Next Release!

We just released the next version of the Imixs-Cloud project! The new release 0.2.0 is marking a significant milestone in the evolution of this open-source platform project. Imixs-Cloud now supports Debian 12 and the latest Kubernetes Release 1.29.5.

About Imixs-Cloud Project

The Imixs-Cloud Project offers an easy way to build and manage a robust platform for running enterprise applications in a cloud-native environment. Leveraging the power of Kubernetes, Imixs-Cloud ensures that applications are not only scalable and resilient but also secure and easy to manage. The project is designed to simplify the management and deployment of container based business applications running on Kubernetes.

Imixs-Cloud is developed and maintained by the Imixs Software Solutions GmbH located in Munich. The open source project supports the dynamic and continuous development of a cloud infrastructure architecture for small and medium sized companies. With a focus on open-source development, the project fosters collaboration and innovation within the community, driving the creation of sustainable and adaptable business solutions.

For more information about the latest version of the Imixs-Cloud Project and to explore the new features, please visit

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