Imixs Software Solutions GmbH presents with the Open Source project “Imixs Workflow” a Business Process Management (BPM) solution for Glassfish and JBoss Application Servers. Glassfish and JBoss are open source application servers based on the Java EE specification. These server platforms are widely-used by a lot of small and medium companies. The Imixs JEE Workflow components can be seamlessly integrated into Glassfish 2.1, 3.0 and JBoss 5.0 and 6.0 infrastructure. Thus the project provides a highly scalable and robust BPM solution. The Imixs workflow project makes use from the powerful component framework provided by the Java EE specification. All Imixs Workflow Java EE components are implemented as Enterprise Session and Entity EJBs. This makes it very easy to integrate these components in a new or existing enterprise software project. Continue reading “BPM SOLUTION FOR GLASSFISH AND JBOSS”


One of the most important advantages of the Imixs Workflow Engine is the fact that Imixs Workflow is based on the Java Enterprise Plattform (Java EE). A Java EE application server can handle transactions, security, scalability, concurrency and management of the components that are deployed to it. So all the features and characteristic from the Java EE plattform are also part of Imixs Workflow. Here are some examples: Continue reading “THE ADVANTAGE OF BPM SOLUTIONS BASED ON JAVA EE”


The Imixs JEE Workflow components are successfully tested on the latest release of JBoss Application Server V 5.1.0.GA (JBossAS 5). The JBoss Application Server is the one of the most widely used Java application servers on the market.

The Imixs JEE Workflow is a full featured Workflow Management System (WFMS) based on the Java EE5 specification and fulfills the requirements to a scalable, transactional, robust and simple deployable Java EE Workflow System.
JBoss 5 for the Java EE5 codebase fully complies with the Java EE5 specification. So the JBossAS 5 is an ideal platform for Workflow Management Systems based on the Imixs Open Source Workflow.
The Imixs JEE Project site provides additional Installation guides for JBoss and also informations about deployment strategies to get best results running the Imixs Worklow on JBoss Application Server.

Read more about the Imixs Java EE Workflow System.

Comparison of JBoss JBPM and Imixs-Workflow

If you take a closer look at the Imixs Workflow Project you may ask yourself if the project is different to other Workflow Engines like JBoss JBPM or Activiti. In this blog will try to do a short comparison of JBPM and Imixs-Workflow. This comparison is not in technical detail but it should give an overview about the goals of the two open source projects. First I want to point out that Imixs-Workflow and JBPM are not rivals in the BPM market. Both projects are open source, both projects try to find solutions for similar but not equal problems in business process management and at least, both project use the same Eclipse-BPMN modeling platformContinue reading “Comparison of JBoss JBPM and Imixs-Workflow”