Imixs-Workflow 4.5 Released

Today we released the new Version 4.5.0 of Imixs-Workflow. The version now has a full support of Java EE7. The release also includes also several improvements in JSF components and The Rest-API. Here is an overview about the latest changes:

New Features

  • The XMLItem now supports mixed value lists
  • New Extend FileData Object with custom attributes
  • LuceneUpdateService – provides a new ItemAdapter class to improve the extension mechanism
  • Full Java EE7 Support
  • Performance improvements for the imixs-faces module
  • RestService supports now custom reports to open spread sheets


  • JobHandlerRebuildIndex – allows to overwrite the Block_Size and Time_out
  • MailPlugin – Performance improvements


  • WorkflowKernel – fixed computeNext Task – conditional Events computed correctly after changed conditions

A data migration is not needed. Existing applications can switch directyl to 4.5. Only JSF modules should adapt the new JSF Controllers. You can find details here.

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