Imixs Software Solutions GmbH presents with the Open Source project “Imixs Workflow” a Business Process Management (BPM) solution for Glassfish and JBoss Application Servers. Glassfish and JBoss are open source application servers based on the Java EE specification. These server platforms are widely-used by a lot of small and medium companies. The Imixs JEE Workflow components can be seamlessly integrated into Glassfish 2.1, 3.0 and JBoss 5.0 and 6.0 infrastructure. Thus the project provides a highly scalable and robust BPM solution. The Imixs workflow project makes use from the powerful component framework provided by the Java EE specification. All Imixs Workflow Java EE components are implemented as Enterprise Session and Entity EJBs. This makes it very easy to integrate these components in a new or existing enterprise software project.


Imixs workflow enables business process management between customers, employees and partners. The project provides typical features to support human-to-human workflows. For example: Tasks are distributed automatically by email and users can access there individual task list from the web interface – like from an email in-box. The workflow controls the task until it is finished and automatically takes care about routing, transactions, the resubmission and the documentation of each step. The project provides a lot of compliance features which can be modeled by an Eclipse based graphical workflow modeler tool.

The Imixs GmbH supports software developers in integration and provides extensive components to build enterprise solutions in an fast and easy way. This makes the creation of workflow management solutions much easier.
The Imixs JSF-Tool sub project provides a set of JSF backing beans to setup a form-based workflow system in very short time. There are examples provided by the project site.


In difference to most other bpm projects the Imixs workflow project makes use of the java enterprise architecture. This means that the project isn’t bound to any constricted framework or technology. The Imixs workflow can be deployed into any database system. Also the security concepts are based on the Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) which allows the integration into existing LDAP or databased user management systems. Additional the project provides different interfaces based on XML and Web Services (like SOAP and REST) for an easy integration into other technologies.

All results of the Imixs Workflow Project and sub-projects are subject to the GNU General Public License (GPL).
Read more about the project at:

Imixs Project Site

JSF Samples

Imixs Workflow Modeler 

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