In the upcoming new release 2.0.2 the Imixs JEE Workflow provides – among other things a new Web Service implementation which will become much more flexible. Now as the Imixs XML API is fully based on JAXB the SOAP Web Services and the REST Web Services are separated into web modules. This makes is much more easy to use these interfaces in workflow projects as the deployment strategy has changed. As announced the new release will run on JEE5 (Glassfish 2.1) as also under JEE6 (Glassfish 3). And also the deplyoment becomes more flexible as you are now no longer forced to deploy all web service modules together with your application.

The project documentation will be extended in the near future with an additional section for XML & Web Services.

You can check out the current 2.0.2-SNAPSHOT release from the Subversion repository. See also the new snapshot releases of imixs-workflow-xml, imixs-workflow-rest and imixs-workflow-soap. If you have any comments or questions please post the in the Imixs Forum.


In the latest version of the Imixs JSF Tools 2.0.2 we provide a new Controller Bean which allows managing file attachments and large binary objects (BLOB). The new contoller class is called BLOBWorkitemController.

This BLOBWorkitemController is used to store large objects into a single ItemCollection mapped to a EntityBean. The BlobWorkitem is always bounded to a parent workitem by its referrer id ($uniqueidRef). So an application can implement a lazy loading for BLOBWorkitems. The read- and write access settings of BLOBWorkitems are automatically synchronized to the settings of the parent workitem. So the security features of the Imixs Workflow controller are full supported. The Data of a BLOB WOrkitem can be accessed by an embedded Itemcollection which can be loaded and saved throgh the controller bean. This makes it really easy to manage file attachments inside a JSF application. See also more infos and examples on the Imixs JSF-Tools Project Homepage.


We are currently working on the next Release 2.0.2 of the Imixs JEE Workflow Engine. The new release will support JEE6 and Glassfish 3. It includes also extended Rest Service API and some additional bug fixes. See the Issue tracker for more details or check out the current Snapshot Sources.

Comparison of JBoss JBPM and Imixs-Workflow

If you take a closer look at the Imixs Workflow Project you may ask yourself if the project is different to other Workflow Engines like JBoss JBPM or Activiti. In this blog will try to do a short comparison of JBPM and Imixs-Workflow. This comparison is not in technical detail but it should give an overview about the goals of the two open source projects. First I want to point out that Imixs-Workflow and JBPM are not rivals in the BPM market. Both projects are open source, both projects try to find solutions for similar but not equal problems in business process management and at least, both project use the same Eclipse-BPMN modeling platformContinue reading “Comparison of JBoss JBPM and Imixs-Workflow”


The latest version 2.3.1 of the Eclipse based Imixs Workflow Modeler is now released.
The new version includes different bug fixes and improvements in usability like the “new Report Wizard” and a new design of the modeler perspective.

The new release includes also additional updates:

  • Imixs Workflow Modeler – 2.3.1.v200911181830
  • Imixs Workflow Modeler Integration Plug-in – 2.2.7.v200911181830
  • Imixs Workflow Report Plug-in –  1.0.1.v200911181830

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