With the latest release 3.0 Imixs provides now the first full Java EE 6 compliant workflow engine. The BPM solution can be used together with any of the newest Java EE web- or application servers like Glassfish 3.1, JBoss 6 or Geronimo.

Imixs Workflow focus on human based workflow typical used in organisations and enterprises. The Imixs Workflow provides users with all necessary information during a business process, like task lists, a process documentation or messaging features. The workflow management system helps users to start a new process, finding a document and complete running jobs.

Through to the fact that Imixs Workflow takes advantage from the Java EE 6 platform there are no restrictions in architecture, scalability or transaction level. Imixs Workflow fulfills the requirements of a robust and simple deployable Java EE workflow system and enables developers and architects to build business applications faster than before.

Version 3.0 supports the 3.1 lightweight ejb model and JPA 2.0. This makes it now much more easy to integrate the workflow engine into web- and enterprise applications. With the eclipse based Imixs modeler a business process can be designed with a graphical interface. All changes to the business model can be deployed during runtime. This makes it very easy to design and change workflow in a running system. Imixs workflow runs on any Java EE 6 compliant application and web server. Also the new Java EE 6 web profile is now fully supported.

Imixs Workflow is an open source project which provides an open community platform for discussion and development.
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