As we were often ask about the licensing of of the Imixs Open Source Workflow which is subject to the General Public License (GPL). I want to give you today a short idea how your own individual Software project is affected form this license when you are using the Imixs Workflow components.

Assuming that you plan to develop an individual software system using the Imixs Workflow System you have to take care about the subject of GPL. But since your software project is no workflow management system or a pure workflow engine, like the Imixs Workflow itself, there is no reason to worry about the GPL. You are free to use the Imixs Workflow components implementing any kind of business process application.
In contrast if you enhance or modify components of the Imixs Workflow Implementation or you implement a derived unit you are constrained to leave this code also under GPL.
Our goal is to avoid that someone restrict the purpose of the Imixs Workflow Software. Everyone is free to use the Imixs Workflow as free software in the manner of the Free Software Foundain (

So we appreciate everybody who plan to use the Imixs Workflow in an individual Software Project. You be bound to inform your users and customer that Imixs Workflow is fee software under GPL. This means that he will receive also the source code (of the Imixs Workflow) or can get it if he want it. He can change the software or use pieces of it in new free programs.
If you enhance the Imixs Workflow you are bound to leave this code again under GPL and share your experience with the community.

So we did not restrict you in your freedom to develop software and business applications using the Imixs Workflow. We also did not restrict your freedom to distribute your software or charge for service if you wish.
Free Software is about to exchange experience and knowledge, not to restrict other people in there freedom to use it.


Currently we are working on the new 1.6 release of Imixs IX Workflow API and IX JEE Workflow Server. The new release will include a ReportService. This feature support a power full report function which allows you to generate dynamic reports based on running Business Processes. The Report Feature will be included into the IX REST Services so reports can be used very easy.

Also we extend the IX Workflow Modeler with a new Report Editor that allows a Workflow Modeler to create and manage reports as *.ixr files directly in a Eclipse project.

The new functionality will expand the Imixs IX Workflow Tool with a really strong feature set! Source code of new Version 1.6 will be available on subversion repository in a pre-beta version:



The new version 2.2.4 of the Imixs IX Workflow Modeler is now released. This version includes a lot of improvements concerning the graphical modeling. Therefor the popular style has changed. The attributes of activity entities,like Mail or Access Configurations, now are displayed graphicaly. The handling of users and time objects has been improved.


Also the WebSerivce Plugin was updated to version 1.3.0. it includes a better error handling, so connection failures will be displayed much better as in the releases before.

Also all these features are sucessfully tested in newest eclipse version Ganemede 3.4.


We are now also supporting Bea WebLogic Server 10.0.  Currently Bea WebLogic 10.0 did not support all the functionality as specified in the JEE spec. Particularly the Web Service implementation is not completed so if you try to deploy the Imixs IX JEE Workflow components you need some modifications.

As there are some restrictions in Bea WebLogic 10.0 concerning the Web Service Functionality you could run into problems during deployment of the IX JEE Workflow components on Bea. But it is possible to run Imixs IX Workflow on Bea 10.0.
If you like to deploy the Imixs IX JEE Workflow components on a Bea WebLogic Server 10.0 there are some things you must pay attention to.
First we recommend to remove the WebService implementations
– org.imixs.workflow.jee.ejb.ModelServiceManagerImplementation
– org.imixs.workflow.jee.ejb.WorkflowServiceManagerImplementation
from the deployment.

Then it is useful to integrate the workflow model in a programmatic way inside you Application. We are also supporting helpful component for this.

In general you can build your ear module like described in the chapters Deployment . But as Bea WebLogic 10.0 did not support all the functionality as specified in the JEE spec you need do some modifications. We published a description about the procedure here.

Additional we are supporting a new branch of the IX JEE Workflow for Bea WebLogic. You can checkout this branch on the Subversion Repository on The branch also supports the maven configuration management.

If you have questions about IX Workflow and Bea WebLogic please give us your feedback.


Since two months we are member of the community. We moved our project to the Imixs IX Workflow is mainly focused on Java Technologies. So the is a suitable place for our project.

As our newest subproject Imixs JEE Workflow is mainly developed on Glassfish Server we are also supporting a lot of deployment tips for Glassfish. So you will find now all the informations on one place.

We moved also the sources to which were hosted before on Sourceforge.