In the latest version of the Imixs JSF Tools 2.0.2 we provide a new Controller Bean which allows managing file attachments and large binary objects (BLOB). The new contoller class is called BLOBWorkitemController.

This BLOBWorkitemController is used to store large objects into a single ItemCollection mapped to a EntityBean. The BlobWorkitem is always bounded to a parent workitem by its referrer id ($uniqueidRef). So an application can implement a lazy loading for BLOBWorkitems. The read- and write access settings of BLOBWorkitems are automatically synchronized to the settings of the parent workitem. So the security features of the Imixs Workflow controller are full supported. The Data of a BLOB WOrkitem can be accessed by an embedded Itemcollection which can be loaded and saved throgh the controller bean. This makes it really easy to manage file attachments inside a JSF application. See also more infos and examples on the Imixs JSF-Tools Project Homepage.

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