Imixs Workflow 4.2.6 Released

The latest version 4.2.6 the open source workflow engine Imixs workflow is now officially released. Imixs-Workflow is a human centry workflow engine based on BPMN 2.0 and Java Enterprise. The new release contains several improvements of the Rest API as well as the Workflow Scheduler Feature which allows the automated execution of business processes.

Version 4.2.6 is also the official pre-release for the new Archive Feature of Imixs-workflow. The Imixs-Archive Feature is a comprehensive extension of the Imixs-Workflow technology. Process instances of a business process can now be stored and analyzed in an external archive system in a technology-neutral way. This also significantly improves the big-data analysis capabilities of business processes with the help of Imixs workflow.

The release Notes of version 4.2.6 can be viewed via GitHub.