Merry Christmas – Imixs-Workflow Version 3.5.0 Released

Today – just before Christmas 😉 – we published the latest version of the open source workflow engine ‘Imixs-Workflow’.

bpmn_example_06The new release includes an improved BPMN parser. The new parser supports BPMN 2.0 link events and also shared events. Shared events can be used to reduce the complexity of large BPMN models. Examples about the new BPMN 2.0 modelling capabilities can be found here.
Also the Imixs-Rest API was improved within this release. The internal JSON parser becomes more robust in parsing native JSON values which makes the usage easier for cross-platform environments.
Finally the Imixs RulePlugin includes a nice improvement: the RulePlugin can now evaluate the object ‘nextTask’, which can be used to evaluate complex business rules with decision maps.

The latest release is available in the maven central repository and the work on the next release 3.6.0 has already begun.


The Imixs project wishes all members of the community Merry Christmas!

 * * *