Imixs-Workflow 3.2.0 finally released!

The latest version of Imixs-Workflow 3.2.0 is now finally released. The new release of the Open Source Workflow Engine includes several improvements and also bugfixes.

Ajax File Upload

With the new implementation of the Imixs-Workflow FileUpload we provide a new Upload widget based on JQuery. With this new component we support drag and drop and a new preview mode for attachments.

DataController – BlobWorkitems 

The JSF DataController bean was improved by managing BlobWorkitems. The save method was removed and transferred into the Backend Service EJB layer. This improves the backend services in complex transnational UI scenarios.

ViewController – WorklistController

The View and Workflist Controller beans were improved and simplified in usage. Extending these components is now much more easy and comfortable for developers.


The MailPlugin was improved by server new convenience methods which makes it easier to extend the behavior of this Plugin for custom workflow applications. Also the MailPlugin now supports usage in different application server environments like GlassFish ore WildFly /JBoss.


The TinyMCE Editor component – provided by the Imixs-Workflow Web-Tools – now supports a custom css concept which allows to customize the layout of this component is several way.

Find more on GitHub.

The new release 3.2.0 will also be the common base release for the next release of the Imixs-Office-Workflow Project.

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