How to analyse the SQL data for an Imixs Workflow Entity

The data of an Imixs entity object is stored in a set of datatables based on the JPA objects provided by the imixs-workflow-engine module.

In some cases it can be interesting to verify the values of an ItemCollection separated into the SQL datatables which are used to select sub sets of entities. If you know the $Uniqueid of a ItemCollection you can select the values using a SQL statement on your SQL database like this:

select * from TEXTITEM 
where ID IN (select textItems_ID 
             from ENTITY_TEXTITEM 
             where Entity_ID='13b334b3e6e-f9b13d6')

In this example all text values for an entity with the $Uniqueid ’13b334b3e6e-f9b13d6′ are returned.