Workflow REST Service examples

With the Imixs RESTfull service interface it is very easy to access any workflow instance. The following section gives some examples which can be tested live using the Imixs Online Demo. To access the Web Service interface you need to login with the user ‘Manfred’ and the password ‘demo’  


This request returns all process groups from the model version ‘office-de-0.0.2.xml’.
The param ‘items’ defines the attributes to be returned by the service

REQUEST THE USERS TASK LIST$uniqueid,txtworkflowgroup,txtworkflowstatus,txtworkflowsummary

This request returns the task list for the current user. Also in this example the list of items to be returned is defined.
You can also reqeust the tasklist in JSON format. For that you can replace the sufix ‘.xml’ with ‘.json’


In the example before the attribute ‘$uniqueid’ was requested. This attribute contains a unique id for each process instance. With this id and the following link you can reqeust the data of a single process instance:

Alternatively you can also post data using this link. So this is an powerfull and easy to use interface for external applications to access the Imixs Workflow system.

For more informations about the Imxis RESTfull Services see also: