How to migrate from GlassFish to WildFly

The Imixs Workflow Project was started in the early beginning of the JEE5 Specification. Since than all workflow components where tested on GlassFish V2 and V3. GlassFish is a great application server and still the Reference Implementation for JEE. So we recommend the usage of GlassFish for development and in production for our customers.

But since Oracle announced stopping commercial support for GlassFish and recommend there customers to use WebLogic in productive environments its time for open source projects (like the Imixs project) also look for alternatives. And the brand new JEE Server WildFly from RedHead is such an alternative. WildFly is based on the well known JBoss Application server and a promising platform for JEE Open Source Projects. In the following sections I will explain what is necessary to migrate a JEE Project form GlassFish to WildFly. Continue reading “How to migrate from GlassFish to WildFly”

EJB 3.0 and the TransactionAttributeType REQUIRES_NEW

Today I would like to share my experience about the EJB  TransactionAttributeType “REQUIRES_NEW”. The goal of this attribute is to isolate a method from the current transaction context and run the code in a new separate transaction. The transaction attribute can simply be annotated to a method:

@TransactionAttribute(value = TransactionAttributeType.REQUIRES_NEW)
 public void processSingleWorkitem(ItemCollection aWorkitem) {

But this annotation can become a little bit tricky if you need such a construction in a single EJB. Continue reading “EJB 3.0 and the TransactionAttributeType REQUIRES_NEW”