Today we released the new version 3.1.1 of the Imixs Workflow engine. This release includes several bug fixes and enhancements to the plug-in API. The new version now supports full HTML Mails. The Mail Plug-In API was extended and provides more flexibility also in adapting the Mail functionality. The size of a search result provided by the Lucene Plug-In can now be limited.

In addition this new release now provides CDI Support for all workflow plug-ins. This extension simplifies the way to write custom workflow plug-ins or extend existing plug-ins.

The Imixs REST Service API was extended and supports a new post-method to receive processed form data in JSON format. This can be used in conjunction with jQuery used in the Imixs Script module.

CDI Support in EAR

There are currently some restriction in using CDI beans provided in different jars contained in one EAR. So see also the following discussions:

Why we need Workflow Engines…

Building robust scalable business applications becomes more and more efficient since the Java Enterprise standard (Java EE) has reached a level where developers can concentrate on the business logic and not about all the backend stuff like database management or security issues.
So from this point it easy today to setup a new business application in short time with reasonable effort. The Java Persistence API (JPA) provides a natural way to map the business objects from the real world into a software system. The JAAS Standard makes it easy to add security. And with different connectors we can connect a business application also to existing applications to exchange any kind of data. So it seems that everything is prepared for developing big business applications. Why should we think about managing the business process? Isn’t it easy enough to add all the required information into our business objects as simple attributes? Continue reading “Why we need Workflow Engines…”