Monthly Archives: January 2012

Architecture Development


To integrate business applications into a Liferay portal infrastructure is a major challenge. One of the most common requests is a single sign on (sso). Once a user has logged into the portal he should also access business applications which run outside the portal container.

With a new implementation of a “Imixs Login Module” it is now possible to integrate business application seamless into Liferay portal. The module makes use of the Liferay API to validate the user session and enables applications to authenticate users on any Java Enterprise application running in a Java EE 6 sever environment. The login module is implemented on the JSR-196 specification with is a standardized authentication mechanism for Java EE.

With the help of the Imixs Login Module it is not necessary to setup a complex single sign on server infrastructure. The Login module allows to use the existing user management of Liferay Portal server. We have tested the login module with GlassFish Application Server 3.1 and Liferay 6 on Windows and Linux plattform.


Workflow REST Service examples

With the Imixs RESTfull service interface it is very easy to access any workflow instance. The following section gives some examples which can be tested live using the Imixs Online Demo. To access the Web Service interface you need to login with the user ‘Manfred’ and the password ‘demo’   read more »