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Comparison of JBoss JBPM and Imixs-Workflow

If you take a closer look at the Imixs Workflow Project you may ask yourself if the project is different to other Workflow Engines like JBoss JBPM or Activiti. In this blog will try to do a short comparison of JBPM and Imixs-Workflow. This comparison is not in technical detail but it should give an overview about the goals of the two open source projects. First I want to point out that Imixs-Workflow and JBPM are not rivals in the BPM market. Both projects are open source, both projects try to find solutions for similar but not equal problems in business process management and at least, both project use the same Eclipse-BPMN modeling platformread more »



Today the new version 2.0.1 of the Imixs Worklfow JEE Library was finally released.

Read more about the Imixs Workflow API on the Project Site.

We are starting now immediate the 2.0.2-SNAPSHOT release. One goal of this new release is support for Hibernate and JBoss APP Server.